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Meet P.

Hello! My name is P. I learned about the Self Determination Group through a friend who invited me to one of her classes she was teaching. I found myself very interested in what she was saying and doing in the class. And I said to myself, this is something I would like to help with and try to do also.

I joined the weekly meetings. After a couple of weeks, I started to be more and more involved. I am very shy at first. But I am becoming more talkative and coming out of my shell. I feel really good about my knowledge and what I have learned since joining this team.

I have a go to channel on You Tube. It is called the Self Determination Channel. I find it very useful to the group too. I really enjoy reading other people’s stories in the “in the spotlight, shining the light on”

I like to help other people. And I like to be on the Self Determination team.

Meet G.

We first met G. in March of 2020.  His family needed support when COVID hit and his day time activities were cancelled, leaving him with nothing to do during the day while his family had to work.  G.  was not able to stay home alone.  We welcomed him with open arms, glad to be able to provide support to someone in need during a crisis.

When G.  first started, he was shy, quiet, kept to himself and even fell asleep.  As we got to know G., we struggled with learning his interests because he was very shy.  As our relationship developed and we got to know him, and he got to know us, G.  became smiling, laughing, cracking jokes and slowly making friendships. 

As the year went on, G.  decided he had made friendships with people in the Building Full Lives Program and wanted to continue exploring this program more.  This opportunity has supported G.  to come out of his shell, being more talkative, laughing, interacting and making his own choices.  G.  can’t wait to get out into the community, explore new things that he chooses and make new friends. 

Being in BFL, C.’s self-esteem is blooming.  She is becoming more confident in herself.   She is learning she is smart.  She is capable.  She is worthy.  She is valued.

Meet C.

C. began attending the Connections program about 5 years ago.  When she first started, she was very unsure of herself, scared to try new things and afraid of people she didn’t know.  C. began opening up as she got to know the staff and participants at Connections.

When C. transitioned into the Building Full Lives Program, she really began to grow.  C. has always craved attention.  She needs to be continuously encouraged to build her confidence.  C. is now able to connect very closely with her friends in the BFL program.  She has learned to make decisions and plan and voice her opinions.  C. tends to apologize often when she asks for things, as she feels she is an inconvenience to others.  She is very vocal about being nervous or afraid to try new things.

She often says she has never done this or that and is ‘afraid to try something new’.  C. is also extremely thankful for everything.  Whether it’s taking her to the movies or helping her open a fruit cup.  The gratitude is the same.  She says over and over “thank for you for doing that for me”.  C.  also struggles with decisions.  She often asks ‘that’s a good idea, right?”  She is constantly seeking direction from others.

Her friends look forward to seeing her and doing things with her.  She is missed when she isn’t there.  She is learning how to handle a change of plans because it is explained to her and talked about.  Bring in her smaller group gives her that added attention she so desperately craves and needs o feel good about herself.

Each day C. learns that she can do more things on her own then she ever thought possible and she gets so excited about it.  We often hear now “I am learning new things today”, rather than “I’m afraid to try new things”.   C. will still ask “that’s a good idea, right” but now will follow it up with “I have good ideas”.

C. is also learning her likes and dislikes.  She enjoys the planning of her day.  She is in charge of her day.  She has learned it is possible to do the things she didn’t think she could.

One of C.’s friends she has made through BFL, loves animals, especially cats.  They were talking about different ways to see cats or learn about them.  As they were talking about cats, the conversation moved to lions and tigers.  C. told her friend she never saw a lion or a tiger.  They agreed they wanted to see a lion and a tiger… but how?  They got to work and found a Sanctuary in the WI Dells.  How far is that? Could they actually go there?  How much money does it cost?  They walked through and researched a series of questions to prepare to go there.  They decided when they would need to leave, that they should pack a lunch, what to wear, etc.  And made it happen.  They had a fantastic day!  This is how the BFL program works and how it can truly make a difference in someone’s life.

How CSL at Opportunity Inc. has kept me safe & healthy.

Since I got out of Norwood 2.5-3 years ago staff have helped me so much.  They help me cook and clean and get to my medical appointments.  They also take me out into the community to do things I enjoy like play mini golf, go bowling, go fishing and shoot pool.  Last summer we went to Red Sands beach and I got to fly a kite I won at the Lions Camp playing bingo.  I felt like a kid again.  Going tubing at Powers Bluff is on my bucket list and staff is helping me to be able to do that this winter.  We go to the YMCA and do crafts together.  Staff have helped me stay out of Norwood by keeping me busy and active.

– CSL Program Member

Opportunity Inc. believes in supporting people to be the best version of themselves; to support independence and honor people’s choices and differences.

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