The Learning Community is Evolving

Opportunity Inc. has begun implementing the Learning Community as a tool for communication and training within the Community Supported Living Model. Staff working in the field work in various locations throughout the day. It becomes difficult to communicate consistently and regularly with each staff member and even more challenging to coordinate getting them together. Predicting that this would be a challenge as the CSL program grows and the number of staff increase, Opportunity Inc. reached out to LinkEd for assistance in creating an online communication tool. This tool, the Learning Community, remains in it’s infancy as it relates to communication. The most successful part of the Learning Community has been the training component. Using what we have learned throughout this journey, Opportunity Inc. has been able to identify training areas that are the most important to the front line staff to have success working in CSL. With the assistance of LinkEd and through the Learning Community, Opportunity Inc. has been able to create an efficient, applicable and cost effective training program for the staff working in the CSL program. As we continue to evolve the Learning Community, we are excited to see how it will evolve to help us offer a quality model of support.