Our CSL Journey

  1. Lily’s Story.. the first couple of days…

    For the first time in her life, Lily has a place she can call her own. For quite some time, Lily wanted to move out of the Adult Family Home where she lived, but never quite felt like it could be possible.  Opportunity Inc. supported Lily to make the transition.  Lily very much self-directed her move into an apartment and has lived there successfully for one month.  Part of Lily’s transition into the community was coaching her to learn basic life skills that never had significance to her.  Lily needed staff to teach her how to lock her front door.  Lily needed staff to show her how to get her mail.  Lily needed staff to show her how to get around her new neighborhood.  All of these things that were once identified as barriers, became small hurdles that Lily overcame.  Lily did not learn these things without making mistakes.  One day, while out walking around her new neighborhood, Lily got lost and could not find her way home, resulting in a police escort back to her apartment.  Every time there has been a hurdle or a challenge, Lily, with the help of her support team, has been able to implement a new plan or idea to help overcome the hurdle.  Challenges are a real part of life for people living in their own communities.  However, with support and a learning mindset, they can often be overcome.

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  2. We Are All On This Journey Together

    For the CSL model to be successful, everyone has to work together. As we bring individuals closer to their community, we build relationships with our MCO, and we see changes in how our caregivers approach their work: they begin to think differently, to have more purpose, and more pride in their work.

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