Our CSL Journey

  1. Passion for Success

    Since the beginning of this journey, Opportunity Inc. has embraced the idea of offering Community Supportive Living model of support to people living in their own homes. Most recently, we have been able to see the success of several people who have transitioned into their own homes. Sharing in the success with them has reignited the passion amongst our staff and leadership that this model can and does work. We are so fortunate to be invited into their lives to provide support to play a small part in their success. In addition to the joy that we have experience through the successes of our clients, we have also learned along the way. Opportunity Inc. has created systems, policies and procedures which lay the foundation of the CSL program. We have learned that while we have a foundation for the expectation in the model, there remains so much individuality within the delivery of the supports. This continues to be one of the greatest positive aspects of the program, yet one that is equally the most challenging. Opportunity Inc. continues to be excited to offer supports to people living in their own homes and learning as we continue on the journey.

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  2. Happy and Healthy

    IMG_4987 Joey enjoys playing games with his friends, going to church and collecting old cars and trucks.  Being in his own home has created an environment for Joey to take control of his life and make his own choices.  Surprisingly, Joey has made choices that have supported his ability to be more involved in social activities that he ever has been before.  He can do this because he is healthier than he ever has been.  Being healthy and having an overall sense of feeling good has created social opportunities for Joey that he didn’t have in the past.

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