Opportunity Inc. creates the “Learning Community”

Opportunity Inc. has identified training staff as a challenge for a quality, effective Community Supportive Living program. Opportunity Inc. has worked with LinkEd to do some organizational training for all leadership in understanding the Community Supportive Living model and how it differs from the traditional service based model. In addition to one time trainings, LinkEd worked with Opportunity Inc. to create a sustainable Learning Community as a support to the front line staff working in CSL. The Learning Community has served as a tool to facilitate communication among the front line staff. Since the staff work throughout the community, 7 days per week, nearly 24 hours per day, they do not often have time to collaborate with each other. Through the Learning Community, staff are able to talk with each other in an easy and effective way. In addition, the Learning Community provides an avenue for communication to go to the Manager of the program in an efficient manner. The Learning Community streamlines communication to the Manager, allowing her to prioritize the communication. One of the most exciting pieces of the Learning Community is the training development. Opportunity Inc. is in the process of evaluating and creating effective training for the staff who work in the CSL program. We have been able to utilize the Learning Community as a platform for CSL training, which is beginning to show better results than the traditional classroom training. Opportunity Inc. is still in the initial phases of developing the training through the Learning Community and we’re very excited to see and update on how this progresses.