Challenges? Not here!

Lily has been living in her own home for the past several months now. It continues to be fascinating to be a part of Lily’s life as she flourishes living independently. Lily has had to overcome several challenges to live independently. Many of these challenges are the same ones that Opportunity Inc. has identified for many of the people we are supporting. One, in particular, is developing independent living skills. In Lily’s case, she has never had to pay attention to what it takes to own her own apartment. Staff have supported Lily through skill development in the areas of home safety, safety in the community, what to do in emergencies, how to pay her bills, budgeting and how to get her mail. When Lily was living in an AFH setting, these are things that were done FOR her, just by nature of the living environment. While it has been a lot to learn, Lily is making progress in each of these areas with the support of staff doing these things WITH her. Lily is proud of her progress of overcoming these challenges and is proof that with determination and the right support, it’s possible. 021